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Lucky me - I was invited to follow the band on their tour to Canada/USA -  here's the schedule:

March 2007 What happend
Thursday 1st      

Departure from Copenhagen to Toronto, Canada (via Paris, France and Chicago)            

Friday 2nd

Had to stay in a hotel in Chicago because of snowstorm in Toronto

Saturday 3rd.

Played in Estonian House, Toronto                                                      Arranged by  Classic Jazz Society of Toronto

Sunday 4th From Toronto to Chicago – on to Davenport, Iowa, in rented car
Monday 5th  

Sightseeing in Davenport (Bix sites)                                                             Played in River Music Experience, Downtown Davenport              Arranged by: Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Society  

Tuesday 6th

Drove back to the Chicago area  - Played  in ’Save More Tavern’, Chicago (about 3 miles NW of Downtown)

Wednesday 7th

Played in ’Joe’s Saloon’, Brookfield,                                                                 ( about 15 miles SW of Downtown)   

Thursday 8th.

Played  in ’Fitzgerald’, Berwyn,                                                                           (about 10 miles W of Downtown)                                                        Flemming was this day joining the special bus tour from Racine              

Friday 9th

Played in ’Caroline’s’, Milwaukee, Wisconsin                                                    (Downtown Milwaukee)                                                                         Flemming stayed in Racine to join the Bix-fest.

Saturday 10th 

Bix’s birthday!                                                                                                         Played (evening) in ’Tribute to Bix Beiderbecke’ fest Racine, Wisconsin      -    Arranged by Phil Pospychala

Sunday 11th Played (afternoon) in ’Tribute to Bix Beiderbecke’
Monday 12th

Departure from Chicago (O’Hare) via Atlanta

Tuesday 13th Arrival Copenhagen, Denmark